Monday, July 21, 2008


The hearing actually went pretty smooth, except for a few glitches. The expert didn't like the attic stairs and requested them to be either full sized stairs (for which we don't have the space and never had) or a pull-down ladder (ugly). Oh well... does save some space not to have stairs. Fire code doesn't allow storing things in an unfinished attic anyway, so it's just the ugly look of the ladder.

He also asked for inspection reports on the entire electrical system, so nothing creative there either. *blech*

Other than that we'll just have to wait until the legal stuff with the two properties is resolved and then we get the written permit.

The ruin next door didn't sell so far - not that I'm suprised...

As far as the windows go... they were a typical old-house project. I only managed to do one of the two since I had to fix a considerable amount of rot. I love the green though!

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