Monday, December 17, 2007

Drooling for cool supplies

By accident I stumbled over an Italian supplier for electrical parts... fixtures, switches, sockets, cable,... real old style and to my big surprise fairly affordable. In Austria or Germany something like that would easily cost twice that if no more. Now I'm absolutely drooling over that stuff.... I mean, who else still sells surface mount rotary switches made of porcelain, and porcelaine knobs for installing twisted cloth lamp cord on the wall surface?
Go to and check that stuff out!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nothing to report...

I'm in a pre-Christmas coma. Today is my last work day, I took incredible 4 full weeks off. Right no I feel like I'm just walking upright any more by a last straw... I need all my strength to keep my work schedule up. I hope that'll change with a lot of sleep though.
Planning has mostly been restricted to my favourite way ever since I've been a child - daydreaming. Whenever a project is coming up I play it in my head, like a movie, over and over. Doing that, I can identify problems and devise solutions. Besides, it's fun.

Right now I'm fiddling with a few details like electrical wiring. I want to make it looks as old as possible without violating current electrical codes, that will require great amounts of ingenuity. Most rooms will get conduit screwed to the walls and ceiling except for the bathroom and probably my brother's room (he wants "modern" wiring... I guess in turn I'm going to try something in his room... for the last few weeks I've been intrigued by the produtcs of a company named Elektrohaus. They are located in Austria but sell Italian style switches and sockets (both the Italian kind and the German/austrin to fit an Italian wall box). The system is very modular, basically you get a blank face plate and snap in whatever modue you want. A regular box (roughly US switch box size) is 3 modules wide, a light switch is 1 module, an Italian socket as well, a German receptacle is 2 modules. There are bigger boxes too - 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 21 modules. Downside: as I mentioned, the boxes are Italian, so you're restricted to use Italian switches and receptacles or rip open the walls. Doesn'tmatter much as long as you stock replacements.