Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorry, still no pictures... but the project has progressed a little. While fixing the aforementioned plaster holes I realized the main waste stack was wet near the ceiling and the plaster smelled moldy... not good. Either the stack itself leaks or there's a leak where the stack passes through the roof. Anyway, it's a job for professionals.

Besides one floor above the ceiling plaster in the WC collapsed last week because of old water damage... and after looking closely at ours I realized the entire vaulted brick ceiling needs to be replastered. Not a nice job...

So after fixing all holes in the wall we're waiting for the plumber to show up. After the waste stack problem is solved we can replaster everything else/ have it done if we find a good mason. Then I can do some fine-tuning on the plaster and paint. Oh yeah, and the door and window need to be stripped and repainted.