Sunday, July 1, 2007

Finally.... before pics at least

Now the long promised pictures!

I started with this lovely view... note the different paint where once the central heating pipes were...

A few remnants of the old pipes are still on the walls, 3 years after we disconnected them... (the pipe in the picture is the last piece of the old hot water pipe from the combi boiler in the bathroom to the kitchen sink, close to 20m long).

Note the beautiful 1980s IKEA lamp holder and open electrical box that sticks out from the wall... the wall is only 5cm (2") solid gypsum board and when my dad set that box (which is 5cm deep) he didn't want to make a hole all through the wall so he just let it stick out... has been that way for 30 years now...)

The dirt accumulation around the light switch ain't pretty either...

Now let's hope those pictures actually work... I tried Picasa for the first time today and let#s just say it was the last time, I'm back to Photobucket.