Sunday, January 13, 2008

More planning

Over my extended holidays I managed to actually do something.
First, we pretty much decided on several crucial parts of the house.

1) Exterior walls. The exterior walls are going to be regular solid brick as the existing ones. We most definitely want to look into insulation though. A remote cousin of my dad's sells eco-friendly insulation, so I'm hoping to get something better than the usual styrofoam sheets (especially something sturdier). If you want to check it out go to (German only, the picture of the owner will tell you why ;-) )

2) Interior walls. On the ground floor we'll use the same bricks, on the second floor wood framing with either plaster and lath (given we get enough free lath) or Heraklit board and plaster.

3) Ceilings. We are going to do classic wood ceilings with sturdy beams but covered with OSB.

4) Stairs. Originally I wanted to do straight stairs with one landing, but that's not going to happen unless I lower the ground floor ceiling. So the stairs are going to be curved.
That will make them noticeably less steep than originally planned.

5) Electrical wiring. If I manage to communicate with the owner of Casa della luce most rooms will get their wiring. Precisely:
Hallway = casa della luce.
WC: same
Bathroom: modern concealed wiring, but old switch and socket.
Work shop: conduit, exposed.
My bedroom: casa della luce
My brother's bedroom: concealed wiring.
Closet under the stairs: not much decided yet.

I also decided on the paint colors for the hallway and bought paint samples to experiment with. I am indeed going to do the blue and green I mentioned. The shop will be white I think. If I manage to get my hands on pattern rollers and a rolling machine on Ebay the other rooms will get rolled patterns.

Doors and windows willl most likely be beige on the inside. Exterior... maybe green to match the main house or a deep burgundy... (one of my favourite colors, RAL 3004 for the Europeans who want to recreate it).