Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick of AutoCad

I'm officially sick of seeing white-on-black ACAD screens... I just want to be done with the planning!

So many details to be taken care of... I even need to get some more measurements to determine how far the ground on the street side actually rises above floor level, which will in turn determine the size and position of the bathroom window and porch/deck stairs.

Besides, I noticed I had forgotten adding a WC window all the time... and I absolutely hate WCs without a window! Of course it will have frosted glass, but a window is a necessity.

I added the window to the footprint and managed to get the elevation drawings more or less done (minus said window and a few details).

The cross-sections is there too, just needs some more tweaking. I hope to get the plans far enough to mail them to the architect today. Then we'll see what needs to be changed.

They can't be finalized until I get all the measurements, but we might be able to have the township guys look over the preliminary version to see if they would approve something like this at all.

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