Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dream house continued

The next day (and following weeks) we continued digging through the clutter (when I first read House in Progress it immediately reminded me of this dream) and conquering the house.
We found: a formal dining room, formal salon (both fully furnished, with oriental carpets, chandeliers, beautiful tiled heaters and everything), several bedrooms, some of which looked like they hadn't been touched ever since WWI, and, by all means, a ball room. The giant yard was completely shielded from the neighbors and was mostly lawn with old trees and a swimming pool.

Just incredible...

I remember the dream well enough to draw a plan from memory...

While the house felt absolutely coherent, trying to draw a plan I found out actually the rooms didn't exactly line up... not even the rooms themselves were really coherent. I'll try to draw the plan anyway and post it, pointing out the flaws and inconsistencies.

I did realize the house must have been HUGE in reality. For the main part I got a foot print of AT LEAST 11x21m, probably more, (given the 21m the ball room would only be 5-5 1/2m wide which seems fairly narrow, in the dream it looked more like twice that size).


jeannie said...

What? You had to dig through stuff too? :)

I'm enjoying your houseblog...have you signed it up at yet? Would love to see it up there.

My old house dreams often involve parts of the house that I have never been in before. I find a door or a hallway somewhere which leads me into a whole new section of the house that I didn't know was there.

I'd love for that to actually happen someday.

Take care--


Ragnar said...

Ooops, I never noticed this comment!

Yes, I signed up long ago... actually I think reading your blog entries (partially) caused this dream! ;-) In reality we didn't have to dig through too much stuff except in the stalls and attic. The digging really started when we got the house next door *g*